Thursday, February 14, 2013

Easy Guide to Using Keywords to Get your Blog Noticed

Key words is one of those dark arts that most people don't bother with in their blogs. We know there may be something in it, but have we got the time to get it right for every post?

Here are some simple things you can do to make keywords work for you as part of your strategy to get your blog or site noticed.

1. Think about a set of keywords that define what you provide. This can be tricky or easy depending on how straightforward what you do is. One way to think about this is what problem or problems you help people solve. If you can think of a few of these the keywords and phrases should flow more easily.

2. Use Google ToolWords to analyze key words or a site such as, where you can get free suggestions for keywords or where you can get a free keywords/phrases analysis of the top ranking site on Google for the keywords/phrases you have defined. I'd like to point that I have no commercial connnection to any of these services. Below is an image of the results from a search of the URL of the top ranking Google site that comes up when you put the search/key phrase "get your writing noticed" into Google. This is one of the topics I will be running courses on, so who ranks high on this search, and why, is of interest to me. As you can see the repetition of the key phrase in the text of the page is helping to raise this page in Google.

keywords being used to get a site noticed
How keywords got one site to Number One in Google

3. Don't use the above to put in too many references to your key phrases/words either. That can be spotted and loose you your position. Keep it natural, but make sure you have a few references to your words and phrases in your blog/site text each time you post.

4. Don't forget you can include key words and phrases in the page URL (if you have that option), the title, image alt text and description/caption, and headings and of course meta descriptions (if you have access to those) as well as the page copy. Including key words and phrases in titles and headings is particularly important, if you can do that naturally.

To me this can all be summarised as, understanding what your keywords are and then being aware that you can include them in your text and elsewhere in each post.

I can't say how far you will move up the rankings by using the above, but I have been told by someone who works for one of the largest online news sites in the world that this is what they are doing for every post.  

Good luck with getting your blog noticed by using keywords.

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