Thursday, February 21, 2013

5 reasons to outsource your daily social media chores

Social media is time consuming. I know. I get up at five am most mornings!

Here's why outsourcing your social media chores is a good idea:

1. You'll get more from your social media presence or you can fire us. There are real benefits to be squeezed out of social media. Demand that they happen.

2. The social media world is changing fast. Social media consultants stay up to date with what's happening to make sure you do too.

3. We give you the facts through a monthly report, who's following, what they're engaging you about, what we will do the following month to build your presence. 

4. It's a way to control the cost. If you have valuable people creating blogs and posts are they doing their day job? Don't let social media slow you down.

5. Get results. The objective of a social media chores service should be to help you achieve yours.

Email me: with any questions on the social media "daily chores" service we provide.

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