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A free 14 page pdf report, 'How to Sell More with Social Media,' will be sent to all who email asking about these services and request a no-commitment consultation - email now: lob@yourasms.com

AS/MS was founded by Laurence O'Bryan. Laurence has twenty five years experience of working in marketing and content creation in Ireland and the UK. He held senior positions with US IT companies, a UK training company and a customer service consultancy. He is also an award winning author. His qualifications are in marketing, training, facilitation, MIS & database development. AS/MS provides social media mentoring, support and training services to corporate, SME and individual clients in Ireland, the UK and the US.

We have over 500,000 followers on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+. We share these accounts with genuine clients to help them get their names established.

Outsourcing - We develop your social media presence via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Blogs, LinkedIn, Flickr and other social media sites. If you have started using these services and are wondering how to get the most out of them this will be ideal for you. Each client's needs are assessed individually, a report is provided on your existing social media presence, and a plan is delivered to meet your needs. This plan will include your strategic objectives, step-up options, integration options with your existing business and real support to achieve practical objectives. Don't waste any more time. Get results fast at an affordable price.

Training - How to maximise the potential of  Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Blogs, Flickr. We provide a trained facilitator who has delivered many courses on social media and customer relationship monitoring. Courses can be one to one, in groups, at your premises or an outside location. We can supercharge your social media with engagement enhancing techniques and reader focused strategies. Notes will be provided and the courses focus on enhancing your own social media in practical ways.

Post creation - Let us write your posts! I am an award winning author with a previous sideline in writing marketing copy. We also have proven journalists in various fields who work for us. Whether you need a regular stream of Tweets, changed on a daily basis, or longer Facebook and blog posts, or even longer articles, why not outsource their creation and monitor the results? The first series of Tweets or a post can be provided free if you want to test how this service can help you. Social media needs a real investment in time to create an ongoing series of posts, long or short. If you outsource you can get back to your real job and only create content when you want to.

To contact us call, from inside Ireland, 086 8369254, or from outside Ireland +353 86 8369254.

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