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To Get Noticed and Sell More using Social Media.

This 140 page guide includes practical advice on how to achieve your goals with social media.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 - Understanding the explosive elements

Chapter 2 – Developing a social media plan

Chapter 3 – Your engagement strategy

Chapter 4 – How can you use social media to increase customer loyalty?

Chapter 5 – Measuring & monitoring

Chapter 6 – The power of social media to do good

Chapter 7 – How social media helped me

Chapter 8 – Arguments, mistakes and myths about social media 

Chapter 9 – Using social media to sell more

Chapter 10 – Supercharging your social media with 12 Storytelling Techniques

Chapter 11 – Some social media puzzles explained


Appendix 1 – Social media tools list (some free)

Appendix 2 – Social media governance examples 

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Listen to the author explain in two minutes and fifteen seconds who he is and why he wrote this guide here.

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About the Author

So what makes me competent to write a guide on the explosive impact of social media and its most important secrets?

Twenty five years of high technology sales & marketing experience is just the start.

Seventy thousand plus Twitter followers, over a variety of Twitter accounts, a popular Facebook page, Pinterest page, LinkedIn page, Goodreads account (about 10,000 friends), and blog sites (over 50,000 page views) are some more reasons.

Being a published novelist with a global publishing contract, translated into nine languages, all with the help of social media, is another. One of the reasons Harper Collins gave me that contract (truly good content was the other) was because I was active and successful on social media.

This is one of the keys to social media success, you have to marry two things together, something good to sell, yourself, your company, your song, your book, whatever, and when you have that, you can use social media to help you succeed.

I am also a trainer, a course material developer, a facilitator, an optimist, and a believer in the power of technology. It has paid for a good living for me and my family and has supported millions of others all around the world for twenty years and more, straight through three recessions and a depression. I don’t think it’s going to stop doing it now.

Social media is explosive too. If you’re blocked in some way, and you need to break through, use the tools and techniques in this book to help you.

At the end of each chapter there will be a summary of key points to allow you to get real benefits from each chapter. I encourage you to take notes as you read, and to combine them with the key points to produce an action plan by the time you have finished this guide.

When I started with social media I knew none of its secrets. Each of the key points in this guide would have been a revelation.

Please come back to my blog www.socialmediaisdynamite.com for regular updates on my take on the world of social media.

Everyone wants a part of social media. Everyone wants to know how to handle it. Everyone wants to know its secrets. Read this guide to find out many of the most important ones.

Laurence O’Bryan

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