Friday, March 14, 2014

Supercharging social media with storytelling techniques: #2 Mass Empathy

Another tool for creating engagement and a sense of involvement in your posts is empathy - mass empathy.

Empathy is compassion or rapport. In storytelling terms it is the ability to place your readers in the shoes of your characters. So how do you do that in a social media post? Here are some things to consider:

1. Speak from the heart. Talk about the personal and human impact of what you do.

2. Use personal stories, names if you can.

3. Talk about the emotional and physical impact of what you do on others.

4. Explain how it impacts, don't simply name the feelings.

5. Explain the impact of clean water, how it feels on your tongue. Don't just say it's clean.

Empathy will be engendered when people can see themselves in the position of a user of your product or service. If you have described this in personal terms, with descriptions of the real impact of what you do, then you are more likely to engender empathy in your posts.

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