Friday, July 27, 2012

Supercharging social media with storytelling techniques: #12 Subplots

Subplots are additional threads to a story, which add depth and allow you to weave complexity into what otherwise might be seen as one dimensional. They are a staple of novels and TV programs.

The technique of using sub plots can also be used in social media posting. For instance:

1. If you are posting from a bakery you can talk about "typical" customers, a woman with a birthday party, a man getting bread early in the morning for his family, a young man buying cakes for his girlfriend.

2. If you are a large business, say a bank, you can also talk about "typical" and anonymous customers by giving examples of clients the bank helps, and the practical examples of how your products and services help clients.

3. If you are an artist you can talk about your struggles to find the right paints or tools of some kind.

4. If you are a designer you can talk about the trips you make to visit suppliers. I am sure we would all love to hear about how they make silk in China these days, for instance.

Sub plots is probably one of the easiest ways to post about what you do. Many people are doing it already.

This series of posts were written to provide a structure and theory around the post types people create.

There are now 12 on the subject of storytelling techniques. I will switch to a different series from Monday, when I will be back from a weekend break.

The next series will be about puzzles & mysteries in the area of social media. I hope you have a great weekend.