Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Social Media Puzzle: Piece #4 What do you measure in social media?

 Here are 12 suggestions for what to measure in social media:

  1. Sentiment analysis – how many negative comments and positive comments are there about you or your service - in actual and percentage terms.

  1. Tone – on a 3 or 5 or 7 point scale of how positive/negative, enthusiastic/couldn't care/disgusted posts are.

  1. Influencers – the numbers of high "follower ratio" followers you have & their engagement levels with you.

  1. Demographics – traditional measures of geographic, age, sex, status, interests of your followers.

  1. Sub communities – number and types of sub communities spawning around your main social media presence. If you make cakes these could be chocolate cake lovers, gluten free users etc. 

  1. Base statistics on follower numbers, unfollower numbers, retweetes, messages, posts for each platform including smaller/up and coming platforms such as Pinterst/Flickr, Forums, LinkedIn, YouTube blogs, etc, depending on which you focus on.

  1. New markets, new trends, new topics emerging from conversations with customers and prospective customers.

  1. Competitor activity, sentiment & other key metrics for your competitors.

  1. Theme clouds – what are they key topics, popular words and phrases that are bubbling up and falling away among key communities.

  1. Keyword tracking – do you have key words? How are they doing? Raw numbers and patterns of change.

  1. Internal benchmarking – How are divisions/branches doing compared to each other on key metrics? How are things changing over time? 

  1. External benchmarking - How do your stats compare with peers, competitors?
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