Saturday, March 16, 2013

TV & radio are dying! And they are lashing out at Social Media.

Last week I listened to a radio news program interviewing a lawyer warning business people about the dangers of social media, how they could get sued if one of their employees said the wrong thing on Twitter.

There was no opposing view given, like how the words of any client facing staff can affect a company at any time. Or anything about the benefits of social media to business. At all.

It sounded like scare mongering. I suspect that TV and radio executives and journalists aren't even conscious of what they are doing. They feel the ground moving and they lash out. Their all powerful roles as arbiters of what is news and what should be popular is disappearing. Fast.

How do I know this? My thirteen year old daughter almost never watches TV. She uses YouTube and Facebook. And I rarely watch live TV too. And I don't like TV news any more. I don't like someone selecting what's important for me. Sure, I record an occasional TV program, but I could get that on Netflix, if they ever get their act together and deliver popular programs.

How long before it all vanishes? I mean the way it's currently structured. I want radio that's more like podcasts and TV that's more like YouTube. I want greater selection, control on when I watch or listen and the arbiters of taste to all retire. Their time is up. A change is coming.

My challenge to you is, can you spot the dinosaur riders of TV and radio as they try to stop social media taking over? If you do, or have ever heard this happen, please report it below in the comments.
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