Thursday, November 21, 2013

Facebook users in Ireland and the Death of Traditional Media


Over 50% of Facebook users in Ireland are 34 years old or under. If you have any teenagers in the house you will know what a lot of them doing, flirting, and seeing what new clothes or selfies their friends have put up. As the age group goes up people become more serious. They join groups about their work, their hobbies and their sports clubs. Then the check out what their new friends are doing and flirt with anyone who will listen.

The most popular brands in Ireland use competitions, freebies and special offers to keep their follower numbers up. This has to be eating into newspaper, TV and radio advertising revenues. The great money sucking machines that are Google Adwords and Facebook Ads will soon become the largest advertising media in Ireland at this rate.

This situation is most likely being replicated in most developed countries. Local media, television, newspapers and magazines will have to move quickly in the next few years if they don't want to end up as museum-piece rumps of what they once were.

This competitive challenge is little understood in most media board rooms. Like the frog in the kettle who doesn't notice the water around him heating up, traditional media, basking in group-think and high CEO salaries wants only one thing, for everything to go on and before, like in the old days.

But it won't. The money sucking media machines have arrived and they are catching the audience early. And they deliver what the audience wants.

What can traditional media do?

Experiment, fight back, that's what I suggest. Has anyone got any better ideas?

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