Monday, June 4, 2012

Auto posting - chocolate cake on special today!

Your cake is here:

Chocolate cake and auto posting

Facebook has, at last, introduced a feature called scheduled posts, for Pages only. This will allow people to decide when their posts will appear on their Page timeline. Watch for the clock symbol on the post and click year, then month, then day and time. You will be able to post up to six months ahead.

This has a number of practical benefits. For people like me who get up at 5AM and create posts early it will mean a post can be delayed until a more suitable time, or even for when I'm away trying to make some real money.

Such practical benefits will lead to fundamental changes on Facebook and also, eventually, on Twitter, blogs and every other social site. The idea that you have to hit the "post" button yourself will go out of fashion. The era of the auto post has arrived.

Sure, third party auto posting services have been available for years. I use Buffer to schedule Tweets during the day. But when Facebook and Twitter finally get around to allowing posts to be scheduled tens of millions will use their service. Setting up a stream of auto posts will allow people to Tweet and post more often too. And it will force people to think about what they're posting.

And it will lead to auto posts from devices, such as fridges.

And soon the parking meter will Tweet that it's free, if you've signed up for the coffee shop's posts.

And then your Ford will auto-post where you've parked to your friends on Google+, while you're on your way to the coffee shop.

And all that because the coffee shop fridge auto-Tweeted a special 70% off deal on chocolate cake an hour before closing. 70% off!

The temptation will be hard to resist, won't it? Would you like a bite? It's soft and crunchy all at the same time.

Chocolate cake and auto posting

Your imagination is the only thing that will stop you enjoying it.

Who said they don't like auto posting?


  1. Interesting, this is the kind of thing HootSuite offer but sans price tag?