Thursday, June 6, 2013

1200 hits a day - 800 visitors - Do you want to reach this audience for free?

This is a screen grab of the stats page of my site, grabbed today. As you can see I am getting about 1200 hits a day, which given the likely % of visitors taken from long running evidence from my other two blogs, is equal to 800 approx visitors a day.

This is the most popular of the three blogs I run.

If you would like to have 5,000 or more people see your post on social media then submit it to me and I will feature you as a guest poster and you can put links back to your site.

The guidelines are that it has to be a post on social media and it has to be something new or different too, something of your own as well.

About 400 words and you must include a pic, which you must have the right to use!

And your links too! So if you are thinking about social media and have something to say and want to reach 5,000 or so people this week email me

This is a free service!

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