Thursday, June 20, 2013

Using social media to promote film

Artificial Horizon

Our production company Megatopia Films has been using social media in order to generate interest in our new film Artificial Horizon, a sci-fi thriller set in an apocalyptic, post-antibiotic era. 

Through FacebookTwitter, and mostly importantly Kickstarter we have been able to spread the word and create a following of fans in a very short space of time. We’ve even started generating interest on the subject of Antibiotic Resistance through a very innovative form of message amplification called Thunder Clap

After only a few days of using these various media outlets, Artificial Horizon has raised 23% of it’s overall goal.
For producer Luke Healy and director Anthony Woodley, Artificial Horizon is their second feature film together. Previously, the pair have worked on a handful of short films over the last few years. 

Their first feature film Outpost 11, which was shot at the end of 2011, is also a science fiction drama set in an alternate past. Artificial Horizon’s creative team is made up of a group of aspiring recent film school graduates. The company has acquired renowned casting director Sharon Howard-Field who is already in talks with various high-profile actors both here in the UK and the US. 

She is not only generating incredible talent for the film, but also giving the young Artificial Horizon team the opportunity to work with an experienced casting director.

The Story
Despite all the warnings about the overuse of antibiotics and efforts by the pharmaceutical companies to keep pace, an antibiotic resistant pandemic decimates the planet.  Eight survivors escape on a dilapidated 747. Little is known about the effect of the outbreak, just that it is safer to be in the air than on the ground. What lengths are the passengers and crew prepared to go to in order to survive? 

Are they safe to land, and what will they find when they do? Can they outrun the pandemic, where every minute counts? Think 'Contagion', meets 'The Road', set on a 747...

Why Are We Making This Film?
We love Sci-Fi. We love thrillers. And we love films that make you think. So we are drawing on our passion and our skill to make a high quality, thought-provoking, action-packed film. While bringing you all the kicks of an edge of your seat thriller, we’re also basing our story around the very real and important issue of Antibiotic Resistance. 

For More Information check out our Kickstarter Campaign here:

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