Thursday, July 4, 2013

Guide to social media free to download in July!

I have edited and updated my guide to social media, Social Media is Dynamite. It contains 137 pages and all you have to do is share this page and then click here to download it. And please follow this blog, using the button to the right, so you can receive updates on new content.

This offer is limited to July 2013 only to introduce people to the guide. I hope you enjoy it.

You can share using any social media platform you wish. The guide contains the following chapters;

Chapter 1 - Understanding the explosive elements

Chapter 2 – Developing a social media plan

Chapter 3 – Your engagement strategy

Chapter 4 – How can you use social media to increase customer loyalty?

Chapter 5 – Measuring & monitoring

Chapter 6 – The power of social media to do good

Chapter 7 – How social media helped me

Chapter 8 – Arguments, mistakes and myths about social media

Chapter 9 – Using social media to sell more

Chapter 10 – Supercharging your social media with 12 Storytelling Techniques

Chapter 11 – Some social media puzzles explained


Appendix 1 – Social media tools list (some free)

Appendix 2 – Social media governance examples 

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