Thursday, July 11, 2013

Integrating social media into training: 4 ways to get it right

I have been preparing a course outline for a 12 week Diploma in Social Media Development. The course will run in Dublin in the final few months of the year. People will be able to attend remotely, as all classes are streamed over the internet.

The new elements I will be bringing to the course include the integration of social media into the course structure. This is what participants will get:

1. Pre-course ice breaking using questions posted on a course-specific LinkedIn group & a Twitter # tag. Personal objectives, questions and informal introductions can all now be done in advance of the first session. This will save time and ensure people get their social media accounts started before the course begins.

2. In-session Twitter backchannel. Remote participants will be able to ask questions at any time using a Twitter # tag. These Tweets will be visible through a dedicated page at, which anyone can access, or through a Twitter search. This will bring remote participants into the room and ensure that their questions and comments get listened to in the class and responded to.

3. Between session Twitter # tag use to send links to useful extra support material, ask questions, detail assignments and seek comments. Longer comments and assignment responses can be posted on the dedicated invite-only LinkedIn group.

4. Post course support will be provided using Twitter and LinkedIn, both to keep people in touch and to answer any follow up questions anyone has. This support will run for as long as is necessary, with long term support handed over to the group three months after the course ends.

These methods will bring social media into the classroom in a practical way. Similar activities can be applied to many learning situations. Why teach social media with PowerPoint?

In fact, why teach anything without social media?

If you have any suggestions for additional ways of using social media in training or comments please do submit them below.

And if you want to be a participant please follow this blog, above right, and full details will be emailed to you over the next few months.      

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