Thursday, August 22, 2013

5 Steps to a Compelling Social Media Identity

Social media's grip on our lives is increasing. I spend far less time watching TV or reading newspapers now than I did ten years ago.

That means we all, or those of us who need to earn a living, must create our own social media identities, to ensure we don't get left behind. Here are 5 basic steps to ensure we have a compelling social media identity:

1. Good Profile. Make sure your profile, picture and the description of who you are and what you have done is appropriate and as interesting as you can make it. That means using a picture of your face, if at all possible, including a link to any web site you have, and telling us what city or country you are in. If you provide a reason for us to follow you all the better.

2. Great Content. Can you write a few hundred words? Can you take great pictures? Can you take short videos? Can you speak about what you do? If you can do any of these things you can create great content. Do it regularly, once a week say, and you will get better over time. And create items that link, in a series. And let people follow you.

3. Be Regular. This is what will make your site or blog or podcast compelling. If people know you will have something new up every week they will come back every week. Put content creation in your diary. It's not only good for your identity, it will also be good for your self esteem, sense of purpose and general well being.

4. Be Linking. Curation, finding great content and linking to it, is one of the key tools of social media.Install (no affiliation) and link great content. I've even created a Flipboard magazine, which includes mostly curated content. Find a way to curate and link.

5. Reply every Day. I reply to all emails, all mentions on Twitter, all Facebook comments within 24hrs, unless I am on holiday or sick. Check your social media daily. It only takes 10 minutes. And reply. Social media is meant to be social.

I beliece social media will lead to a Renaissance in creativity. You can't do it well without creating stuff. This is great news. We all have to do something, not just get lazy and watch others, like TV makes us do. Our brain, our lives and our future will all benefit if we create. This is why I am so optimistic about social media.

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  1. Good advice, Laurence. I enjoyed your social media course and found it enormously helpful. How easily we can ignore these essential links in the rush of everyday routine and deadlines. It's useful to be reminded that even taking ten minutes from our day to interact with others can work on-line for us over the following twenty-four hours.

    1. Thanks June. It was a pleasure to meet you on the course. I hope all is progressing well. Let me know if I can help with anything. Laurence