Sunday, April 21, 2013

Guest post marketing, Gangnam style

I have just posted my 28th guest post on my writing blog

The post was from a romance writer in San Diego. I only accept posts from writers, to ensure that my followers on that site don't get a lot of spammy ads for things they didn't sign up for.

But they will get a bit of Gangnam style.

How? I plan to ask all guest posters, when my new novel comes out in October, will they put a guest post of mine up on their sites.

I hope to have at least 50 guest posters by then and I hope that about half will be able to host my guest post.

That means there should be 25 guest posts be me across the internet in October. Possibly more.

I was inspired to do this by a post I read about how PSY, the Gangnam style creator, had a series of blogs posted on friend's blogs - dance teachers, musicians and music industry people all around the world, on the day his famous YouTube video came out.

I don't expect to reach a billion views, like he did, but I hope the support of my guest posters will give my October social media campaign a lift.

If you would like to be a guest poster here - on social media - or on my writing blog and take part in this let me know.

OBryan Style!
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